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At the Advanced Centre for Reproductive Medicine (formerly known as Christopher Chen Centre for Reproductive Medicine), we take the time to understand your needs and desires in your journey to become parents. Focusing on your unique situation as a couple, we work closely with you to develop an individualised treatment plan to optimise your chances of conceiving. Our Centre has successfully accumulated years of experience in providing specialised options for infertility treatments including IVF, as well as obstetrics and gynaecology, since 1993.

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“When my husband and I married in 2004, our plan was to start a family as soon as possible, as we were already 33 at that time. After one year, when I failed to conceive, I decided to consult a fertility expert to see if there were any underlying issues. However, I was not comfortable discussing fertility issues with friends or family, and without knowing better, randomly picked a clinic and settled with Dr X sometime in 2005. That begun our long journey to parenthood.

Dr X did an examination and concluded that part of the problem was the presence of ovarian cysts. A laparoscopy was done and the cysts were removed. As it was also discovered that I had endometriosis, that was also removed during the laparoscopy. After the laparoscopy, we thought that all would be well and we would be on track to having children. However, that was not to be, and Dr X then proposed that I start fertility treatment and that we go for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). I thought that parenthood was finally within sight. How wrong I was. After a few cycles when I failed to yield any viable eggs, Dr X declared that there was no point continuing and that we should consider adoption instead. I was by then approaching 38.

While we were not closed to the idea of adoption, I felt that I should give myself one last chance, and for this last chance, I should not settle for anything but the best. And so, a call to Christopher Chen Centre for Reproductive Medicine was made. Our first appointment with Dr Chen was pleasant. Right from the start, he was very encouraging and positive, despite my record. He was careful and meticulous in his examination of both me and my husband. Several times, when I expressed concerns about my age and the fact that I was not able to produce any viable eggs in the past, he remained optimistic. And rightly so, for under Dr Chen’s care, I was actually able to produce eggs which went on to become Grade 1 embryos. Both me and my husband were pleasantly surprised, especially me.

However, the setbacks continued. Despite the fact that the embryos were of good quality, they failed to implant, and after three failed transfers, Dr Chen decided to do an exploratory laparoscopy to check the condition of my uterus. He was rather taken aback about the extent of my endometriosis. He had thought that Dr X had taken care of it. Given the severity of it, he suggested that my system be shut down for 6 months to completely eradicate the problem. By the time I completed that, it was 2011, and I was approaching 41. In June 2011, we did a transfer and that brought about a successful conception. My husband and I were very happy, but more concerns followed – I was in hospital for a month as there was a high risk of a miscarriage. Even after my discharge, I was placed on hospitalisation leave for another 12 weeks.

We were ecstatic when we finally saw Tabitha on 2 Mar 2012. It was an arduous journey and we are grateful to Dr Chen and his team for their dedication and commitment. The nurses and staff were caring and accompanied us each step of the way, making an otherwise difficult process bearable and even pleasant, in some ways. If not for Dr Chen and his team, it is unlikely that my husband and I would have children of our own. If not for their dedication, we would likely have stopped at one.

Today, my husband and I have two daughters, Tabitha and Jemima, both IVF conceived and miraculously begotten. And for them, we are truly indebted to Dr Chen and his team.”

“My husband and I went for our first consultation with Dr Chen in February of 2012, at the ages of thirty- six and thirty- four, respectively. We had been trying to conceive for 3 years prior to this but had no success and decided to seek medical treatment.

After a series of medical check-ups, it was discovered that both my husband and I needed surgery to get the process started. He ended up getting a varicocelectomy in April 2012, and subsequently, in June 2012, I underwent surgery to remove fibroids in my uterus.

After this, we tried to work on a natural conception involving taking Clomid and other oral medications. However, we were still not successful in conceiving and decided to commence IVF treatment in May 2013. I was thirty-five years old at the time.

The IVF process is never easy, and after the endless bloodtests, scans and injections, results were still unsatisfactory. Potentially owing to my age, only about seven eggs were extracted, two of which were transferred and one successfully implanted. However, one week after testing positive for pregnancy,  I started bleeding and had to be hospitalised for observation.

Each scan I underwent from that point onwards showed my human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels decreasing. HCG is a hormone that supports the normal development of an egg in a woman’s ovary, and stimulates the release of the egg during ovulation. My HCG levels continued to drop down below the level denoting a pregnancy and I suffered a miscarriage.

This was a devastating period for my husband and I. For a while, we didn’t want to consider another cycle as we were traumatised and disheartened. However, after Dr Chen’s advice and encouragement, we gained confidence and decided to give it another go.

We commenced our second round of IVF in Oct 2012, where only five eggs were extracted. This worried us even more as it seemed like we had less of a chance than the initial IVF round. Stress and worry levels were high, despite subsequently having two eggs transferred and one egg successfully implanted. We feared every day that the worst would happen.

Our fears were perpetuated when three weeks into the pregnancy, bleeding occurred again. I was hospitalised and on bed rest and every scan and consultation that followed was nervewracking. Throughout this time, Dr Chen and his dedicated team of nurses and clinic staff were supportive and dedicated, helping us get through it, one day at a time.

After about ten weeks, I was finally discharged to continue bed rest at home. I can remember how thrilled I was when Dr Chen told me that the placenta was formed and that my first trimester was officially over. It was a huge milestone and cause of much relief.

Throughout my pregnancy,  Dr Chen and his team remained extremely meticulous and attentive to mine and my baby’s wellbeing. At thirty-seven weeks, my healthy baby girl was born via a scheduled caesarian section.

We are eternally grateful to Dr Chen and his team for their dedication to fulfilling our desires to build a family and we look forward to revisiting the clinic when its time for baby number two!”

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